Wineglass Bay Brewing - The Story

Wineglass Bay Brewery was established in 1996 from humble beginnings when Freycinet Vineyard Wine maker Claudio Radenti brewed three kegs of ale for a Freycinet Vineyard Jazz Concert.

The ale was a great hit amongst the concert goers which was the inspiration for small scale commercial production of boutique beer. Brewing was an extension of winemaking to Claudio who undertook further studies on beer at the University of Ballarat. A micro brewery was then leased and Wineglass Bay Brewing became a reality.

The Beer

Currently Wineglass Bay Brewing produces Hazards Ale. Over the years Hazards has developed a fine reputation for quality, consistency and uniqueness. Hazards beer is a premium boutique beer brewed in accordance to the very old German purity law which states that only Barley, Hops, Water and Yeast can be used for brewing. There are no additives and the beer is not filtered or pasteurised.

Tasmanian Franklin Barley and Hallertau hops are utilised. Hazards Ale has similarities to traditional English Ale. It is bottle conditioned and features a spicy, malty, fruity aroma with a robust malty palate combining lemony hops and a gentle bitter finish.

Hazards Ale comes in a 330ml brown bottle and is 5.2% alcohol.

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